Co-producers, Christian Morisset and Alexandre Valade are both previous winners of the prestigious Festival de la chanson de Granby. Christian Morisset contributed to the musical arrangements on the album and also played guitar, bass guitar, Rhodes, and sang back vocals. Moreover, he managed to recruit some of Quebec's best musicians: Rick Haworth and Jocelyn Tellier on guitars, Marc Chartrain on drums, Éric Auclair on bass, Marie-Hélène Cardin on back vocals, Patrick Lavoie on cello, as well as Alexandre and Salomon Valade on piano.

Recorded both at Mikkorason and at Arcansonge Studios respectively, the Wild Woman album was mixed mostly by Alexandre Valade and mastered by Guy Hébert at Karisma Studios. Alexandre Valade led the preproduction and a good deal of the editing.

The resulting album is eclectic and can be described as Contemporary Folk with a twinge Progressive Rock. Inger even indulges us with a masterful guitar solo.

The lyrics, which are mostly written in English but also some in French, are intense and autobiographical. 
Wild Woman is a rich emotional ride, with no fluff around the edges.

But now, I'm a wild woman
Yes, I know I am
I'm a wild woman
Catch me if you can
I look in the mirror
And what do I see?
I see a wild woman
Looking back at me

Excerpt from "Wild Woman"
Lyrics and music © 1995 Inger Woest / Inger Woest et Christian Morisset

The underlying theme of the album is the spiral:

Each song is 
A bead on a necklace
A flower in a bouquet
A moment in time
Music and rhyme
A dot on a line
A line, thread
Weaving in and out

Excerpt from Spiral Time
Poem and music © 2011 Inger Woest / Inger Woest et Alexandre Valade
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